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Amelouk is mysterious and haunting, music pulled up from a sea of dreams. Its name comes from the Finnish word for death, kuolema, read backwards. The music has an experimental quality and refuses to squeeze into a genre. Olga Vähä-Piikkiö is the mind behind Amelouk. She was a seasick marine physicist before turning her full attention to music.

“Solar Wind” is Amelouk’s second acoustic EP following “..Like a Shroud”. It is another grouping of old and new music, some of it stored in silence for years. The songs weave their own worlds with unusual harmonies and intricate tensions. Recorded in January 2023 at Lammaskallion Audio in Järvenpää and Studio Oodi in Helsinki, the main instruments are piano and voice. Also clarinet, droning sounds and light percussions are occasionally featured on the EP.

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